Personal Development – Unlocking Young People’s Potential


Many young people feel disadvantaged and excluded from society. They are often daunted and discouraged by the challenges they face, seeing themselves as hopeless under-achievers who will never amount to anything.

Our self-development programme aims to inspire young people and helps them transform their lives, empowering them to achieve to their highest potential. Designed to be facilitated with youth workers or directly with young people themselves, this personal development training encourages the creation of a whole new mindset that supports positivity and achievement.

Aims and Objectives

  • To inspire and motivate young people, creating hope and empowering them to achieve their full potential.
  • To explore the qualities which enable a person to have a more productive role in society and be well developed, both socially and emotionally.
  • To provide young people with the self-confidence and strength of character to pursue excellence beyond the classroom.

Intended Learning Outcome

On completing the training, learners should have acquired the following knowledge and skills:

  • Change and reframe unhelpful ways of thinking.
  • Focus on positive goals and see possibilities.
  • Learn from a case study of a young person who has turned their life around, understanding how a sense of purpose is an essential attribute in all successful people.
  • Understand how to cultivate self-belief and self-confidence.
  • Use the Acceptance of Self, Consciousness and Enthusiasm (ACE) system to develop a positive attitude and overcome challenges.
  • Through case studies and storytelling, become conscious of the impact and power of words.
  • Understand the significance of gratitude, which enables young people to focus on the present and what support they have at the moment, instead of dwelling on negative experiences from the past.
  • Understand the concept of SMART goal setting, effective time management and how to deal with peer pressures.

We can also deliver this training at your premises on a mutually convenient date. Please contact us for more details.

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