Training and mentoring

Safeguarding training and personal development consultations/seminars

As experienced social workers, we are committed to safeguarding children and improving their life chances by sharing our extensive knowledge and skills. We focus on two key areas:

  • Giving people who work with children the knowledge and skills to help protect those children from harm.
  • Providing inspiration and empowerment for young people to achieve their full potential through engagement with professionals or directly via consultations and seminars.

Our Courses

Personal Development – Unlocking Young People’s Potential

1 day (facilitated) or 15 hours (online).

For young people, learning is about much more than academic education. Our personal development consultations and seminars are aimed at inspiring young people to achieve their full potential and lead happy, productive lives. Find out more »

Safeguarding Children

1 day (facilitated) or 7.5 hours (online).

Ensuring children are not at risk of harm is everyone’s business. Aimed at anyone who works with or comes into contact with children, from librarians to bus drivers, this course provides essential safeguarding knowledge and skills. Find out more »

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